In our busy work life these days, we often tend to ignore our health. While, our body may be able to take stress and tension in younger age, it can be quite fatal as we age. Long working hours, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle make a huge pile on to the problems for the future.

Exercising regularly is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also to keep our body active. Our body works like a machine. When a machine is left unattended, it usually gets rusted and wears off. Similarly, if our body is left without sufficient mobility, problems to our joints and muscles will develop.

The best form of keeping our body active is through Yoga. Some of the yoga poses even help in improving flexibility too. Practicing these yoga forms in the morning is best advised.

Child Pose – It is one of the aasanas that even help in resting too. Also known as ‘Balasana’, this form gently stretches the back, hips and ankles. It helps in keeping the brain calm and reduces fatigue and stress.

Cow Face Pose – Also called ‘ Gomukhasana’, it is one of the most effective ways of stretching and keeping the body active. It helps the ankles, hips, thighs, triceps and even the chest to stretch.

Downward Facing Dog – It is one of the highly recommended and widely known form of Yoga. It is one of the forms that help in complete stretching of the body. The key is inhale and exhale the right way in order to facilitate complete stretching.

Extended Puppy Pose – this form of yoga is in the form of a ‘puppy’ that helps in stretching the back and spine area. it also is a great form of stretching for the shoulders too.

Extended Triangle Pose – it is one of those poses that are mainly done standing. Apart from the benefit of stretching, this form improves digestion and relieves stress. It also helps in curing back pain for pregnant women.

*Kindly consult your doctor before you proceed*

Source: yogajournal