Having a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance these days. With long working hours, stress and minimal exercises, it leads to major problems to your heart, increase in blood pressure, diabetes etc. Unhealthy and untimely intake of food adds up to taking your health to a big toss.

So how can we tackle these issues, especially with today’s lifestyle.

Here are some ‘super foods’ that are sure to keep your health safe and secure in your busy  lives.

If you are a lover of thick and creamier yogurt try that helps you maintain good health as well, Greek Yogurt is your ‘go to’ that comes in with a list of health benefits. And, the best part, it comes in different flavours! It could be a good snack option in between lunch and dinner. It is sure to keep your hands and mind off junk. It is complete package that comes with numerous health benefits and taste leaving your taste buds satisfied.

Some of the benefits:

  • High in protein, it is said to have protein content two times more than that of normal yogurt, leaving you full and not hungry very soon.
  • For many, regular high intake of salts increases the risk of water retention in the body adding to weight increase. Greek yogurt has less sodium compared to regular yogurt.
  • Since it has less carbs, consumption of Greek yogurt helps in easy digestion. It is suggested for people who have lacrosse intolerance.
  • Greek yogurt contains pro biotic and healthy live micro organisms that help in digestion and improve the immune system.
  • With its high amount of calcium, it helps in building bones and improves muscle strength. Highly suggested for growing children.

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