Yoga intsructor yoga

Job Description

  • JOB TITLE:- Yoga Intsructor Yoga

  • CATEGORY:- Human Resources Specialists

  • SALARY:- 40,000 INR

Required Skills

yoga “yoga coach”




Instruct group fitness classes that exceed member expectations, promote services to attain and retain members, and provide a positive group fitness experience for all members.

Responsibilities and Duties

Yoga instructors have to teach their students about the various yogic positions and start them off with some basic steps.
They have to take into account the health problems of the students and teach them accordingly.
They have to monitor each of them carefully to ensure that they are doing the position properly.
They have to be experts themselves and have to be in great shape.
They can even offer dietary advice to their students but they can do it only after consultation with a dietitian.
They mostly teach their students proper breathing techniques as they are most important aspect of yoga.