Honey is one such element that has been used for various purposes since ancient times. Its benefits and implications are far and wide, epically on health. A complete natural product with barely any synthetics, honey is known for its soothing and medicinal properties. It is one of the product used as a sugar substitute. It is a hub of bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants.

Here are more benefits of honey

Healthy ‘sugar’ – sugar is a highly common ingredient used in our daily lives. But, it comes at a cost! Honey is an excellent substitute of sugar in many foods and drinks. It contains 69% glucose and fructose which is much better than white sugar. Taste here is not compromised!

Weight Loss – consuming honey with warm water daily helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. A mixture of lemon, honey and cinnamon in warm water helps in effective weight loss.

Energy Booster – with the right amount of sugar that is adequate to restore energy back in your body, honey just does that.

Antiseptic Properties – it is an excellent source of anti – bacterial and anti – fungi properties that makes it highly medicinal for treating common cold and cough. It also has anti – inflammatory properties that helps in relieving any kind of inflammation.

Skin Care – honey is popularly used as a medication for skin. Applying honey along with milk on your skin helps in moisturizing and softening the skin. It also helps in healing wounded tissues.

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