The mantra in today’s world! Fitness has become one of the key concerns among people today. The need to stay fit has gone commercial these days, with fancy gyms and western forms of exercising coming up. But the question is that, do we need to rely on external factors to keep fit.

Our ancient Indian traditions are widely known for its presence in various fields, also in health and fitness. Yoga is one such effective method of dealing with various physical issues including stress and anxiety.

Here are some yoga practices that can be practiced for maintaining overall fitness and health

Boat Pose – Also known as Paripurna Navasana , its main function is strengthening the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. Helps in relieving stress and improves digestion.

Four Limbed Staff Pose – this form of yoga helps in strengthening the arms and wrists. It also works as an effective way to tone your body.

Plank Pose – the ‘classic plank’, is one of the most effective ways for weight loss and toning your body. Make sure to begin slow and gradually increase the time of the plank. It works of each part of your body and strengthens the muscles. Watch out while you practice the plank and do not push yourself too much.

Dolphin Pose – It mainly helps in mental stability by calming your brain and relive stress and mild depression.  An effective way of stretching and therapeutic for high blood pressure and asthma.

*Kindly consult your doctor before you proceed