A solution to the scare of smog

We are often faced with problems on a daily basis in our life. On a larger basis in the society, we are come across social, economical and political issues that seem to be growing at a rapid pace. With every developing country, comes its own set of issues. The latest one being the issue of global warming.

Care of ‘air pumps’

In today’s world, with growing traffic and pollution, the effect on our body and mind is highly disturbing. After long days at work, you would not want to get stuck in traffic jams. But, unfortunately we do! These cause hazards to our mind that increase stress and headaches. While mental

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The white ‘hero’

Having a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance these days. With long working hours, stress and minimal exercises, it leads to major problems to your heart, increase in blood pressure, diabetes etc. Unhealthy and untimely intake of food adds up to taking your health to a big toss. So how

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Yoga and Its Benefits

Yoga is an age-old form of exercise that has proved its benefits not only to the body, but also to the mind. The purpose of yoga is to create strength and awareness of mind and body. It is known to keep your mind in control and has a significant contribution

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Everything from Yoga to Ayurveda, the spiritual path towards wellness. We are building a community, trying to help people with the centuries old concept of yoga – one person at a time. Join us in our journey!

flexibility pose

In our busy work life these days, we often tend to ignore our health. While, our body may be able to take stress and tension in younger age, it can be quite fatal as we age. Long working hours, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle make a huge pile on to the problems for the future.

Our body is a ‘wonder’ material. It almost functions like a factory. Every organ is dependent on each other for it to function efficiently. Each prt of the body is the hero for its self, but the main driving force is blood. Blood is responsible for efficient and smooth functioning of the body as it supplies oxygen to all the main organs. The composition consists of red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells


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Get Energized!

While, it has been said that Yoga is one of the oldest forms of practice in India, it’s benefits are many. It has the power of overall healing and promotes wellness and fitness. Practicing yoga not only helps in physical improvement, but also calms your mind. It is also known to cure some life harming diseases such as cancer and cardio vascular diseases.

Keep Calm and Stay Fit

The mantra in today’s world! Fitness has become one of the key concerns among people today. The need to stay fit has gone commercial these days, with fancy gyms and western forms of exercising coming up. But the question is that, do we need to rely on external factors to keep fit.

Our Green Heros

With alarming issues and warnings on the radar regarding uncontrollable pollution levels in our country, we come across many measures that are being implemented. But, what is the main cause and where do we begin from? Ages ago, there has been emphasis on the importance of greenery.

Oats – Whole Grain Food

What if we gave a healthy option of taste and health for breakfast? Breakfast; being the most important meal of the day, it has to be right. Often, we tend to skip breakfast due to various reasons. In this fast paced life, it is very common and a daily routine leads to various issues.

Benefits of Consuming Kale

They say to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the right food and right kind of exercise is essential. Equal portions of essential vitamins and nutrients supplied to the body, help the body work efficiently and keep us healthy.